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Who photographed, looks more out of life.
An experience that I have done in over 25 years of professional press photography. The digital renewal of this over 170 year old medium I was able to actively experience. Today, more people than ever are using digital photography in private and professional environment.

Lifelong learning.
An almost naive knowledge, given the rapid change in all areas of our lives. The more I am proud that I was able to help hundreds of participants of my training and seminars at home and abroad to expand your knowledge. I would love to be able to convince you of the quality of my services.

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Mit freundlichem Gruß Bernd Beuermann

Services overview

photography, scan services, image manipulation, consulting, training, image organisation, keywording…
From professional press photography, image manipulation, photography investment consulting up to photography training I offer all services about digital photography needed in todays digital life. Benefit from my long term experience as one of Germany's first digital press photographer (early 1990 with Kodak DCS100!)and extend Your and your coworkers photographically expertise due to competent consulting and training.


Journalistic photography for press and corporate communications.
It doesn't matter if it's about the exercise of a classical press event or the creation of press photos for a campaign - I will be always avaible to help you with my thirty years of experience in press photography. Equipped with modern digital camera technology and accessoires like a mobile studio flash system I'm able to create high quality press material if requested. By request even with the whole processing and distribution chain like image editing, transcription and postal or digital shipping. If you need videos for YouTube, Facebook, etc. - We can do this including cutting and editing. All-inclusive service including texts and images can be ordered.

  • • Realization of shoots of any kind.
  • • Press appointments, event photography, travel photography, aerial photographs, etc.
  • • Panaromic photography, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.
  • • Lastest camera technology, picture files up to 45 MB, studio flash systems.
  • • No flood of images because of image selection, transfer of all files.
  • • Retainers, transfer of all usage rights.
  • • Secure and serious demeanor, no fear of VIPs, international experience, englisch fluently.

Training and seminars

Training and seminars for digital photography and image manipulation.
The rising costs in newspaper industry lets the photographing editor become real. That causes results which do not always look made by professionals. Wrong equipment, wrong camera settings, no knowledge about flash, helplessness by unfavorable light conditions and missing basic knowledge about an interesting image structure are reasons for amateurishly looking pictures. In times of decreasing circulations quality matters - especially for layout and pictures because thats what is seen first.
This matters for corporate communications too. Professional pr-photos are visual messages for your press releases. Often employees of communication departments have to take pictures themselves. But not every snapshot can be used for corporate communications or has the quality for print media.
Upgrade Your image quality and motivation in a one or two day in-house photography training at your publisher or company. Image manipulation will be achieved with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements and GIMP.


Investment consulting for cameras, software and workflow
The offers of camera technology and software are confusing large and usually even a competent advisor in retail store dows not knows the specific needs of media professionals. After the analysis of your needs I will find for you the appropriate photographic equipment, the right software, an efficient workflow and a media asset management solution. In a personal coaching I can show you and your colleagues how to use the equipment, or book a full-day seminar for digital photography, where you can use the new investment, without reading a boring and confusing manual.